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  1. Steve Stinn

    Quality was supper good best carts ever thanks for my order delivery was great

    California Gold CartsCalifornia Gold Carts

  2. benny wood

    Amazing Stuff where can i get more do i just have to place another order and you ship like you did with my first order?

    Tko CartsTko Carts

  3. Kan Bond

    I love it for my anxiety and depression. Feeling so not caring about my stresses

    Apple Fritter StrainApple Fritter Strain

  4. Bigg Nose

    Man i’m an everyday toker, an this shit just absolutely bones me. l love this shit

    Apple Fritter StrainApple Fritter Strain

  5. Justin Brown

    this strain is absolutely amazing for just kicking back and making all of your problems vanish. you feel insanely relaxed yet not couch locked, making it great for anytime of the day. there’s an overwhelming feeling of happiness without getting the giggles. to top it all off, it is one of the greatest tasting strains i’ve ever had and you can really tell why it’s named honey bun.

    Apple Fritter StrainApple Fritter Strain